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PC Repair Test #2

1- What are the basic pieces of hardware needed to build a PC?
2- If you are planning to place network cable next to the electrical wires in the basement of a home business, select the type of cable that is recommended.
A. Cracking cable
B.  UTP cable
C. Coaxial cable
D. STP cable
3When you replace a CPU, what should be placed between the CPU and the heat sink?
A.  The Fan
B.  Denatured alcohol
C. Thermal compound paste
D.  Anti-static paper
4What folder is a central storage location for Windows XP users?
A. My documents
B. Hard Disc Drive
C.  Program Files
D. Thumb Drive
5What types of connectors attach the ATX power supply to a modern ATX motherboard? (Select two)
A.  P1
B.  P2
C.  P4
D.  P8
6Which of the following should Mary set up on her Wi-Fi router to make it the most secure?
7Mario bought a PCI Express video card. What type of slot he needs to install it to a computer
A.  Molex
C.  Dongle bus
D.  PCIe
8Which component sets the clock speed of the motherboard?
A. Cache
C.  System Crystal
D.  ZIF Crystal
9What function enables motherboards to set up BIOS for CPUs automatically?
C.  CPUNow!
D. Processor ID
10Which of the following port can be found on network cards?
B.  PS2
D. RJ45
11-  Maggie downloaded a game from the internet and installed it , as soon as he started to play , he got a Blue Screen of Death. Upon rebooting he discovered that her My documents folder has been erased. What happened?
A. She installed spyware
B. She installed a Trojan
C. She broke the group policy
D. She erased her setting
12Which of the following motherboards are you most likely to see in modern PCs? (Select two)
B.  AT
C.  Baby ATX
D.  microATX
13-  A client comes to your shop with a dead PC, what is the first thing to check, (select 2) ?
A.  The motherboard
B.  Run Anti-Virus Software
C.  If  P1 and P4 are connected to the motherboard
D.  If the Switch is on in the power supply
14- What determines the name of a wireless network?
B.  MAC Address
15-  Which component of a computer system has a MAC address ?
A.  The CPU
B.  The Memory 
C.  The Hard Drive
D.  The NIC
16-  What do you need to know when you want to replace a power supply? 
A.   The wattage and form factor
B.   The name of the manufacturer
C.   The size of the power supply
D.   The make of the PC
17-  After installing an additional drive in a working computer, a computer won't power up at all - no lights, no spinning drives, nothing.  When you remove the drive, the computer works again. What's most likely the problem?
A.  Dead hard drive
B.  Dead power supply
C.  Insufficient AC Voltage provided by the electrical outlet
D.  Insufficient  wattage provided by the power supply
18-  What do you need to share an internet connection ?
A.  STP Cable
B.  A switch
C.  A router
D.  A IP address 
19-  Which of the following must you do to install a CPU successfully?
A.  Align the orientation marks on the CPU with the marks on the socket.
B.  Push hard to seat the CPU properly.
C.  Lift the socket arm to lock the CPU into place.  
D.  Plug in the power cable.
20- You get a tech call from an upset field tech.  He was upgrading a client's PC and now it won't boot at all.  When he  applies power, the fans and drives spin, but the computer screen stays blank and the PC just beeps, over and over.  What's most likely the problem?
A.  He installed a video card incorrectly
B.  He installed RAM incorrectly
C.  He installed a CPU incorrectly
D.  Nothing's wrong.  It sometimes takes a PC a few reboots to work after performing upgrades
21-  The RJ-45 port is disabled from a motherboard, what is the best solution?
A.  Add a network card to a PCI slot
B.  Replace the motherboard
C.  Buy another computer
D.  Add more memory
22Which Device enables you to extend the capabilities of a wireless network?
D.  WAP2
23-  Joe needs to network only two computers using an Ethernet peer-to-peer connection. What type of cable does he need?
B.  CAT5e
C.  Crossover
24-  Which part of the chipset traditionally helps the CPU works with the RAM and video card?
A  IDE controller
B  Northbridge
C  Southbridge
D  RAID controller
25-  What command would you use to view the path taken by an internet packet?
26- To provide a computer with a physical connection and electronic connection to a network, what must be installed?
A A Hub
B A Switch
D A Router
27- What do you need to configured a wireless network card 
A An internet connection
B The device driver
C A router
D A network Interface Card
28- What do you need to know before upgrading the Operating System of a PC?
A  The make and model of the PC
B The cost of the OS
C The license number of the OS
D  Hardware requirements and software compatibility
29- The one thing that CHKDSK does NOT repair is _______________.
A cross-linked files.
B directory structures.
C bad clusters.
D fragmented files.
30- The person responsible for maintaining the company's laser printer is out of the office.  You are told to service the laser printer.  Which part of the printer should you avoid touching and why?
A Laser.  The beam is very hot to the touch.
B Toner.  The toner gets to a boiling point.
C Fuser.  One of its two rollers is a heated roller.
D Paper tray.  Smudge prints cause paper jams.
31- Martha's inkjet printer's output has the bottom of every letter missing in text and strange horizontal lines evenly spaced in her images.  What part of the inkjet should she check for problems?
A The printhead.
B The paper take up rollers.
C The photosensitive drum.
D The printer's resolution.
32- Leroy's old Windows XP Home system works beautifully but he doesn't have a printer.  He purchases a new laser printer, turns it on and plugs it into his USB port.  After not noticing anything, he assumes the printer installs but when tries to print, he gets an error saying there are no printers installed on this computer.  Which of the following is most likely the mistake he made that led to this problem?
A He used USB instead of parallel.
B He turned off Automatic Device Detection in Control Panel.
C He forgot to install the printer's device drivers.
D He didn't configure the new printer as default.
33- If you are diagnosing a recurring failure with an application, what tool can you use to view information about the application errors?
A Event Viewer.
B Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
C Performance Console.
D System Information.
34- Jodie suspects that her drive has bad sectors. Steve says she needs to run DEFRAG to fix the problem areas, but Maria disagrees.  She tells Jodie to run CHKDSK.  Who is correct?
A Only Steve is correct. DEFRAG is the proper tool here.
B Only Maria is correct.  CHKDSK is the proper tool here.
C Both Steve and Maria are correct.  Either tool will fix the problem.
D Neither Steve nor Maria is correct.  Jodie should run FIXDISK.
35- John's hard drive is filling up.  Which of the following is NOT a good idea to open more space on the drive?
A Emptying the Recycle Bin.
B Deleting Temporary Files.
C Uninstalling unneeded applications.
D Moving the swap file to the CD-RW.
36-  What is the best way to test a power supply ?
A  Swap the suspected defective power supply with a known good power supply
B  Test P1 and P4
C  Test the LED
D   Make sure the power supply is connected to a live outlet.
37- What is the proper path to access virtual memory settings in Windows XP?
A Start/ Control Panel/ Virtual Memory/ Settings/ Advanced tab
B Right-Click My Computer/ Properties/ Advanced Tab/ Performance-Settings/ Advanced Tab
C Right-Click Desktop/ Properties/ Screensaver/ Power
D Start/ Control Panel/ Administrative Tools/ Computer Management/ Performance
38-What is the primary benefit to adding more RAM to a laptop that  uses shared memory?
A Improved system performance
B  Improved battery life
C Improved Video performance
DImproved Audio performance
39- What is the best way to test a motherboard?
A Test the controllers in the chipsets
B Remove and test the chipsets
C Update the BIOS
D Unplug the PC, remove all memory sticks ,reconnect the PC then reboot the PC without the           memory sticks.
40 -You install a second video adapter and monitor in your Vista PC, but when you start the system, the second monitor does not display anything. You have confirmed that the video driver is correct, and that the video card is active in Device Manager. What else do you need to do?
AOpen Control Panel and run the multiple Monitor configuration applet
B Open Display properties and Check the Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor checkbox.
C Upgrade the PC to Windows Vista Ultimate
DReinstall Windows
41 -Jeanne brings a computer to your shop, when you boot the computer , it kept beeping until you unplug the power cable, what is likely to be the problem? 
A A bad motherboard.
B A bad power supply.
CBad memory or memory installation error.
DInsufficient voltage from the power supply
42 - You are the desktop support specialist in a company, Paul calls you about error message # 199  that he sees every time that he is trying to boot his workstation, what is likely to be the problem?
A The motherboard is defective
BThe video card is not installed or defective
CThe video is not connected
DThe keyboard is defective or not connected
43 -What type of  network cable should be used in a location near live electrical wires
A Unshielded Twisted pair 
B Shielded Twisted pair
C CAT 5 cable
D CAT5e cable
44- The accountant is complaining that his computer keep losing time , he has to reset the timer 3 times every day. What needs to be done to resolve this issue?.
AReplace the motherboard controller
BReplace the CMOS battery
C Set the time controller
DCheck the system clock in the CMOS
45- After a big thunder and lighting storm, Laura's computer cannot connect to the internet, the NIC integrated to the motherboard  became defective and the computer still working good. What would be your technical advise to Laura ? (Select2)
A Replace the motherboard 
B Add an internal  PCI  NIC to the computer
C Add an external  USB NIC to the Computer
D Reinstall the driver for the integrated NIC
46-Molex connectors are used to supply electricity to which devices? (Select2)
A Floppy Disk
CPATA Hard Drives
DPATA Optical drives
47-Jonh installed a new CPU, when he boots the system, it comes up for a few seconds and then shuts down. What could be the problem?
AJohn installed a chip AMD CPU in an Intel Motherboard
B John forget to plug in the CPU fan and the CPU is overheating
CJohn failed to raise the arm on the socket to lock the CPU
DThe Power Supply Wattage is insufficient for the new CPU
48-What is the role RAM in a computer system ?
A A place for a user to store data for later use
B To control the sound card
C No role at all
D A temporary storage for the CPU
49-What is the simple way to test suspected faulty RAM ?
A Open all program and run check disk
BOpen to see if the system will locks up
CSwap the suspected faulty RAM module with a known good module and check if the problem  goes away.
DWatch the start up screen for memory error reports
50- Which tool in windows XP and Vista can check and automatically fix file system error and attempt recovery of bad sectors ?
A Disc Cleanup
CError checking
DSystem restore
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